Angel Obinim resurrected dead baby in mothers womb

A woman from Togo whose baby had been declared dead in the womb by doctors in Togo had her baby resurrected today during prophesy time at the Accra branch of International God’s Way Church-IGWC

Angel Obinim during prophesy time said there was a woman who was 8 months pregnant and that doctors had declared her baby dead and have told her to come for surgery for the baby to be removed. The woman in question got up and confirmed the prophesy.

Angel obinim prayed for her and gave her apple to eat. After this the woman confirmed she could feel her baby move in the womb.


Angel Obinim delivered a woman from a charm which killed her three children

A woman with 8 children was going through spiritual attack with one of her children vomiting blood all the time. She discussed her plight with a friend and the friend advised her to visit a shrine in the north for protection. She took this advised and went to the north to see a fetish priest who gave her a talisman. She said when she returned home, she dreamt and saw that the talisman had turned into a five- headed snake. The next day her child that was vomiting blood died. The following month she had the same dream and saw the same snake and the following morning another child died. This episode repeated itself and a third child died out of the 8 children. Later, she fell ill and a friend visited her. When that friend heard of her plight she gave her Angel Obinim’s bangle. That night, when she slept she dreamt and saw the five-headed snake again. She said the snake tried to pounce on her but the bangle around her wrist turned into fire and the snake disappeared. Based on this dream she decided to go and see Angel obinim for deliverance. Angel gave her an oil direction and told her he will come and work things out for her in her dream. On using the oil she dreamt and saw the five-headed snake again. But this time round Angel Obinim appeared in his angelic form in the dream and rebuked the snake in the name of Jesus. He then went ahead and hit it with one of his wings. Since then she hadn’t had that spiritual attack from the snake again. Joyous, she came to the Accra branch of International Gods Way Church- IGWC to give her testimony.

VIDEO: Angel Obinim saved 24 yr old at point of death

Cosmos Tefuttor, a 24 year old level 100 student of University College of Management Studies, Weija in the
Greater Accra Region had been paralyzed for four (4) years  and had lost lots of weight due to intestinal obstruction and appendicitis.

He was  unconsciousness when he was brought to the Tema branch of International Gods Way Church-IGWC in Ghana.

According to reports, When Cosmos was taken ill, a surgery  ( Laporotomy +adhesiolysis + anastomosis of small bowel) was performed on him in June 15,2013 but he was not healed.
Doctor Ralph Armah,a specialist surgeon at the surgical ward 5 at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital who knows the wonders Bishop Obinim performs as an Angel of God advised his parents to meet the man of God, Bishop Obinim for their son’s healing.

Mr Cosmos Tefuttor  after his healing said that doctors could find no reason for his falling into coma and such did a lot of scans and performed a lot of test. 
They also removed his large and small intestines.
During healing time, the Angel of God however said God has asked him to pray for Cosmos.

The man of God noted and said that the soul of Cosmos had already left his body and that he was totally dead.

But immediately Angel Obinim prayed for him, he came back to life and immediately began to walk on his own.

Cosmos and his father who brought him to the church premises gave thanks to God for using Angel Obinim for this wonderful miracle.

Watch video.

2 euro coin miraculously appeared in the palm of Angel Obinim in Kumasi church.                                                              

The Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who is referred to as Angel Obinim, on Sunday 23rd of July 2017 during church service in Ghana at the Kumasi branch of his church, shocked the world after he commanded 2 euro coin (€2) given to a stranger by madam Aisha Mohammed which appear physical in his (Bishop Obinim) right hand live in Church.


During prophecy hour in church, Bishop Obinim referred to as Angel Obinim due to his Angelic performance called a woman by name Aisha Mohammed who resides at Sunyani, a city and the capital town of the Brong-Ahafo Region in Ghana  promised he will help her get money and a travelling  VISA.          

The man of God also revealed her destiny has been sold an amount of 2 euro (€2)  by demons spiritually which has manifested physical blocking her travelling and financial breakthrough in life.           


Madam Aisha confirmed to the prophecy of the Angel of God that on her way home on an occasion she met a panhandler begging for money on the street under the influence of hanger and asked her madam Aisha for money but refused to reach out.                                      

Eventually, a male child of mrs Mohammed  referred ” (John 3:16). “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.    

As God’s people, we should be givers, not only at the Christmas season, but as a way of life which made her gave the mendicant 2 euro coin (€2) . .   

                                                                                               The Angel of God delivering and unveiling her from any spiritual encounter said to have brought back the 2 euro coin (€2) used against her breakthrough by demons which appeared physical in his (Bishop Obinim) right hand  in Church

 The miracle caused the congregation  into dancing and jubilation which made Bishop Obinim and his pastor bow on their knees thanking God.     


                                                                                     Angel Obinim then asked mrs Mohammed to bury the 2 euro coin (€2) as a point of contact to cause her breakthrough..     





A man  testifies, Angel Obinim turned his life around

A gold dealer whose business had collapsed went to see angel OBINIM at International God’s Way Church (IGWC) and was given an oil direction.

 After the direction, he reveals a brother  called him and dashed him 5000GHS . 
He said he had a dream and in the dream Angel OBINIM told him he will help him, he disclosed after this dream his business has improve so much that he has been able to purchase a plot of land, Toyata corrola salon car and now he has enough money in his bank account. 
 He reveals he now  lend out money to people just within the space of 6months that he came to see Angel OBINIM.

Filled with joy he came to IGWC Accra branch to give testimony to the glory of God. 

Angel Obinim helped my daughter to pass WASSCE-woman testifies

A woman testify that her daughter who has been writing the WASSCE and has  failed in many attempts 
She wrote 3 times and failed all so when it was time for the fourth one the mum came to see Angel OBINIM with the problem.
she was given oil direction and in the course of using it Beatrice Oforiwaa  dreamt and saw angel who told her he will write the exams for her spiritually and that she will pass it very well. 
True to his words when the result came she had passed. She is now in Sunyani nursing training college. 
Filled with joy,  the woman gave a testimony to the glory of God.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.

​Angel Obinim healed a man diagnosed of serious typhoid

A year ago Ebenezer Teye was working in a restaurant. He became sick and tried various medications but to no avail. 

He went to Tumasiwaa Medical Centre where he was dagsined of having typhoid he tried many medication that he was given at the hospital but there was no success. 
He tried all forms of medication for one year. It got so bad that he had to quit his job. 
Last week he came to church and Angel Obinim was performing spiritual operation on a kidney patient.
 He declared to himself that he taps into it and drank the miracle water till Angel Obinim said he was done with the spiritual operation.
 Since  then all his symptoms has disappeared. He went to the hospital for review and was told his disease has disappeared

​Angel Obinim healed a man living in New Jersey.

Richard had severe chest pain and went to trentil medical center in new Jersey and spent $5200. 

He was watching the lunch of the angelic gift  on TV and prayed along. 

When he went to bed he dreamt and saw Angel Obinim in his dream. He asked him where the pains were and he showed him. 
Angel Obinim stretched his hand and prayed for him and the pain disappeared. 
He didn’t feel any pain again when he woke up. It has been many months since the pain disappeared.
 He is in church today to give glorify the name if the lord

Nuggets  of wisdom  from Bishop Obinim.

From Bishop Daniel Obinim 

Please don’t destroy your church.

1. Please go to church regularly

2. Please pay your tithe 

3. Please win souls 
4. Please invite people to the church 
5. Please visit or call them 
6. Please stop gossiping and fighting people in the church
7. Please stop speaking bad things about your pastor and the church members 
These are the things destroying the church.

Angel Obinim released a Ghanaian jailed 4yrs in Malaysian prison. 

A family are testifying that the head of the family(husband)( Nana asaakwa otua 2) travelled to Malaysia. 

He stayed with a couple who  dealt in fake documents without his knowledge. Oneday the police came and arrested everyone in the house. 
The owner of the had use disappeared so he and the man’s wife were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.
 One day, one of the white prison wardern asked him if he knew angel Obinim, he said yes and the warden told  him angel Obinim will help you. 
A month later he was transfered to a different prison where he called his and asked her if she knew angel Obinim. She told him yes but she hadn’t been to the church before. 
A month after this he dreamt and saw Angel who told him he will turn himself into a judge and get him put of prison. 
After sometime, the case was reviewed and he told he had done nothing wrong as such he was discharged and was deported to Ghana