Angel Obinim rescued a lady in a dream and manifested physical

A young lady Was feeling a hot sensation on her heart on her way to church. Suddenly she started sweating profusely and shouting .

A lady called Dora brought her to the church premises and she bought her miracle water. After drinking water she dealt like throwing up.

She came back to lie down after throwing up and saw angel obinim in a trance.

He hit her chest and said he has delivered her suddenly something left her so she stood up like someone who was not the dream angel obinim told her not to remove the chain around her neck and also there was a plan to kill her


Woman vomits snake eggs after Angel Obinim’s direction

Madam Elsie revealed she took part in a pepper direction by the founder and general overseer of International God’s Way Church-IGWC, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim

The spiritual direction which was given by Bishop Obinim was intended to remove any spiritual problems from anyone who took part in the pepper direction.

Madam Elsie took part in the pepper direction. She said laced one at her home and one at her workplace. She said she fell sick the next day threw up all over.

She showed the content of the vomit to someone and the person said it was a snake eggs that she vomited.

When she went to her office she saw a snake in one of the rooms of the guest house. She said the snake could not move so with the help of others they killed the snake.

She disclosed that after the incident, customers have started coming to her quest house and business is now booming

A radio presenter gives shocking testimony about Angel Obinim

A radio presenter, Evan Ofori also known as king honkong/nyamenaay3 of newday fm in Nzema has had spiritual marriage for over 20years.
 She came to Tema branch of  International God’s Way Church-IGWC and bought one of the Angelic bangle.

 He said when he dreamt that night some military men were about attacking him in his dream.

 Suddenly, light emitted from the bangle and it turned into fire and went and attacked then military people.

 Since then for 2years he hasn’t gotten that attack.

A Ghanaian living in Nigeria reveals how Angel Obinim saved her life. 

A Ghanaian living in Nigeria teatifiies how God through Angel Obinim save her life

Narrating her story at the Accra branch of International God’s Way Church-IGWC she said,  she dreamt and saw two ghost chasing her. While running away they hit her with a stone and the next day half of a body was swollen.  

She consulted a pastor who told her that her name was written amosgst the dead.

 She said when she got home she prayed saying “Angel obinim its because of you that  I bought the decoder”

She said that night Angel appeared on his dream and healed her and told her  her name was indeed written in the list of dead people.

 Angel burnt the paper and since then the swallon is gone

Woman disclosed Angel Obinim healed her of menstrual problems. 

A woman has revealed how God through the leader and founder of International God’s Way Church-IGWC, Bishop Daniel Obinim populary known as Angel Obinim healed her of menstrual problems

Mattah Dziwonu wasn’t mensurating for 6years. Doctors( akuse Hosp. And VRA Hosp.) told her it was as a result of the fibroid. 

Three weeks ago she was directed by her father  to see Angel at the emergency prayer and was given an oil direction.

 Five days into the direction her menses started. Filled with joy,  madam Dziwonu came to Accra branch of IGWC to give testimony to the glory of God. 

Read a man’s extraordinary testimony about how he was saved by Angel Obinim

Prince Amankwaah testifies that on Tuesday after church service from Tema, he went to Kasoa. He got to his destination at JD restaurant around 10- 11pm around and saw a salon car with tinted glass. He bypass the car and the driver followed him with the car.

When he got near him the car stopped and the driver said they wanted to give him lift. He told them he was almost home so there is no need.

He said the driver signalled those at the back to grab him. Three men got out of the car and attacked him saying they wanted his head. One took a stick to hit him but he shouted “angel Obinim save” me but the man froze

So the other one took a gun and shot him twice but the bullet wouldn’t come out. Fortunately, the police patrol came to the scene and arrested Prince and the man that froze while the others run away.

They were both questioned and the attacker is being arranged before court.

A young lady testifies how Angel Obinim helped her to become a police officer

P.W Constable Delali Sepenu Esther and her father came to testify that since completing Keta Senior High School she hasn’t been successful with school application to further her education.

She said she had an opportunity to watch OB TV and decided to see the the Angel of God about her educational issues.

She said when she came to International God’s Way Church-IGWC Angel OBINIM gave her a handkerchief and told her not to worry that her time has come.

She said some weeks afterwards she had an opportunity to be called into the police force to undergo the necessary training. After the training, they are required to be given a green sheet to enable them write exams.

She said she got a serial number and checked everything online and everything was intact but when she went in person for the green sheet she was told her name has been replaced with someone’s name. She went to complained but nobody could explain what was going on.

She said she heard the names of all her colleagues were pasted on the notice board at their tesano office so she went there to check..however her name was still not on the board . Frustrated she went to stand somewhere brooding.

A certain man approached her and asked her why she was worried, she narrated her ordeal and the man took her to the notice board to show her that her name was on the board.

She said after the man showed her she went to where the green sheets were given and lo and behold her name and serial number has appeared.

She had now been able to write the exams and has passed and had been posted to takoradi

Wonders! as Angel Obinim turns stone into gold.

The Biblical Jesus turning water into wine manifested in a different way as the founder and General overseer of International God’s Way church on the 23rd of November 2017 shocked his congregation when he prayed and turned a stone into real gold instantly

Angel Obinim, popular called due to the Angelic Miracles he performs turned a stone he took from a gentleman into gold.

Now read how it happened at the Accra branch of his church

During Thursday church service at the Accra branch, Angel Obinim directed his junior pastors to locate a certain man in a jacket with red inner.

He said the man was from Sewhi in the Western Region of Ghana and that he came to church with a stone.

When the man came out, Angel Obinim took the stone from him and declared I have turned this stone into gold.

Immediately, the stone turned into gold. This caused the entire congregation running to the podium to catch a glimpse of the gold.

Angel Obinim directed the man to take it home and use it for whatever he pleases.

Watch video of this extraordinary miracle on YouTube at Bishop Obinim Ministries

Lady and husband give three dumbfounding testimonies at IGWC

Mrs. Lilian Appiah , teacher and a baker came to International God’s Way Church-IGWC Accra branch with her husband to give three testimonies. Her first testimony was about how Angel Obinim foil an attempted acid attack on her.

Narrating her ordeal she said most people in her neighborhood didn’t like because she was found of posting the stickers of Angel Obinim in the neighborhood. She usually wakes up at dawn to do her baking. However one dawn her bread will not expand no matter what she did or added to the ingredients.

Frustrated , she abandoned the baking and went back to bed. When she woke up in the morning, she received a call from an unknown number.

The caller identified herself as Angel Obinim and told her that he caused her bread not to expand because around that time some people had planned to come and pour acid on her. That when she goes out of the house, she will see the gallon of acid there.

He further went on to tell her that she shouldn’t be shocked when later the gallon of acid disappears and that he will caused whatever that was planned against her to go back to sender within 7 days. Lilian went out of her room into her compound to see a gallon of acid there.

She rushed to call her husband to come and witness this but when they got back the gallon of acid had disappeared. True to his words 5 days after this incident the couple that wanted to pour the acid on her ended up fight amongst themselves and the acid was poured on one of them. Mr Appiah’s second testimony was about how Angel Obinim saved her and her family from cooking and eating food that had charm inside.

She said she and her children where home watching TV one day when a certain young man came there looking for her. The young man told her that a certain lady that owed Mrs Appiah money had put charm in some food stuffs and will be bringing them to her in the evening for her to prepare for her household.

The young man told her to pour the miracle water of Angel Obinim on the items and throw them away. In the evening, the said items were delivered and she did what the young man told her.

At dawn, they heard a commotion outside her house. She and her husband went outside to find out what was going on.

The found the daughter of the woman who brought the food items paralyzed on the ground. When asked what caused it the girl said she was passing by to go to the public toilet in the area when she saw the wrappings of the gift her mother brought to Mrs Appian’s household.

She said she was surprised they threw the items away so she wanted to be sure whether the items were truly in the bag. She however became paralysed. The girl later on died. Her third testimony is about how she and her grand daughter were saved from being used for money rituals. She said on the 8th of September, she decided to visit her bedridden father at Axim with her grand daughter.

When they got to the transport station they took one of those cars popularly called “one pound”. On their way the driver diverted his course and took some busy road at full speed. She said she took hold of the Angel Obinim necklace her grand daughter was wearing and screamed.

All of a sudden all she heard was a very loud slap at the side of the driver. The driver stopped the car immediately. Mrs Appiah said she also found out that a young man who didn’t board the car with her at the station was sitting beside her at the back.

The young man commanded the driver out of the car and told him to sit at the back of the car. He then drove the car to Axim police station. When the car was search they found human part at the booth so the driver was arrested.

Mrs Appiah said from the police the young man brought her and her granddaughter to her father house.

God through Angel Obinim miraculously healed HIV patient

An HIV Patient that was paralysed was healed by Angel Obinim at the Accra branch of International God’s Way Church-IGWC.

Angel Obinim during prophesy time called a man and asked where his HIV infected and paralyzed sister was. He replied she was at the back at which Angel Obinim asked that she be brought forward.

He prayed and rebuked the sickness in the name of Jesus and the paralyzed woman stood up and walked to the glory of God.