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God through Angel Obinim miraculously healed HIV patient

An HIV Patient that was paralysed was healed by Angel Obinim at the Accra branch of International God’s Way Church-IGWC. Angel Obinim during prophesy time called a man and asked where his HIV infected and paralyzed sister was. He replied she was at the back at which Angel Obinim asked that she be brought forward. He prayed and rebuked the sickness in the name of Jesus and the paralyzed woman […]

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Angel Obinim delivered a woman from a charm which killed her three children

A woman with 8 children was going through spiritual attack with one of her children vomiting blood all the time. She discussed her plight with a friend and the friend advised her to visit a shrine in the north for protection. She took this advised and went to the north to see a fetish priest who gave her a talisman. She said when she returned home, she dreamt and saw […]

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VIDEO: Angel Obinim saved 24 yr old at point of death

Cosmos Tefuttor, a 24 year old level 100 student of University College of Management Studies, Weija in the Greater Accra Region had been paralyzed for four (4) years  and had lost lots of weight due to intestinal obstruction and appendicitis. He was  unconsciousness when he was brought to the Tema branch of International Gods Way Church-IGWC in Ghana. According to reports, When Cosmos was taken ill, a surgery  ( Laporotomy […]

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2 euro coin miraculously appeared in the palm of Angel Obinim in Kumasi church.                                                              

The Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who is referred to as Angel Obinim, on Sunday 23rd of July 2017 during church service in Ghana at the Kumasi branch of his church, shocked the world after he commanded 2 euro coin (€2) given to a stranger by madam Aisha Mohammed which appear physical in his (Bishop Obinim) right hand live in Church.    […]

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Nuggets  of wisdom  from Bishop Obinim.

From Bishop Daniel Obinim  Please don’t destroy your church. 1. Please go to church regularly 2. Please pay your tithe  3. Please win souls  4. Please invite people to the church  5. Please visit or call them  6. Please stop gossiping and fighting people in the church 7. Please stop speaking bad things about your pastor and the church members  These are the things destroying the church.

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