Angel Obinim rescued a lady in a dream and manifested physical

A young lady Was feeling a hot sensation on her heart on her way to church. Suddenly she started sweating profusely and shouting .

A lady called Dora brought her to the church premises and she bought her miracle water. After drinking water she dealt like throwing up.

She came back to lie down after throwing up and saw angel obinim in a trance.

He hit her chest and said he has delivered her suddenly something left her so she stood up like someone who was not the dream angel obinim told her not to remove the chain around her neck and also there was a plan to kill her


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

2 thoughts on “Angel Obinim rescued a lady in a dream and manifested physical”

  1. Angel Obinim is really sent from GOD to deliver us from the hands of our enemies– Archangel Obinim no sizes among all pastors, prophets, ect because you’re truly an Angel of God. Keep on saving us and help me too

  2. Angel Obinim is the real best and kind Angel sent from God bless and deliver us from our iniquities.
    Angel Obinim, Nooo SIZE.
    Angel Obinim, please, you and your father JESUS CHRIST, come and perform angelic work for me too.
    Its not well with me at all.
    I’m waiting for you.

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