A young lady testifies how Angel Obinim helped her to become a police officer

P.W Constable Delali Sepenu Esther and her father came to testify that since completing Keta Senior High School she hasn’t been successful with school application to further her education.

She said she had an opportunity to watch OB TV and decided to see the the Angel of God about her educational issues.

She said when she came to International God’s Way Church-IGWC Angel OBINIM gave her a handkerchief and told her not to worry that her time has come.

She said some weeks afterwards she had an opportunity to be called into the police force to undergo the necessary training. After the training, they are required to be given a green sheet to enable them write exams.

She said she got a serial number and checked everything online and everything was intact but when she went in person for the green sheet she was told her name has been replaced with someone’s name. She went to complained but nobody could explain what was going on.

She said she heard the names of all her colleagues were pasted on the notice board at their tesano office so she went there to check..however her name was still not on the board . Frustrated she went to stand somewhere brooding.

A certain man approached her and asked her why she was worried, she narrated her ordeal and the man took her to the notice board to show her that her name was on the board.

She said after the man showed her she went to where the green sheets were given and lo and behold her name and serial number has appeared.

She had now been able to write the exams and has passed and had been posted to takoradi


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