Wonders! as Angel Obinim turns stone into gold.

The Biblical Jesus turning water into wine manifested in a different way as the founder and General overseer of International God’s Way church on the 23rd of November 2017 shocked his congregation when he prayed and turned a stone into real gold instantly

Angel Obinim, popular called due to the Angelic Miracles he performs turned a stone he took from a gentleman into gold.

Now read how it happened at the Accra branch of his church

During Thursday church service at the Accra branch, Angel Obinim directed his junior pastors to locate a certain man in a jacket with red inner.

He said the man was from Sewhi in the Western Region of Ghana and that he came to church with a stone.

When the man came out, Angel Obinim took the stone from him and declared I have turned this stone into gold.

Immediately, the stone turned into gold. This caused the entire congregation running to the podium to catch a glimpse of the gold.

Angel Obinim directed the man to take it home and use it for whatever he pleases.

Watch video of this extraordinary miracle on YouTube at Bishop Obinim Ministries


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