Lady and husband give three dumbfounding testimonies at IGWC

Mrs. Lilian Appiah , teacher and a baker came to International God’s Way Church-IGWC Accra branch with her husband to give three testimonies. Her first testimony was about how Angel Obinim foil an attempted acid attack on her.

Narrating her ordeal she said most people in her neighborhood didn’t like because she was found of posting the stickers of Angel Obinim in the neighborhood. She usually wakes up at dawn to do her baking. However one dawn her bread will not expand no matter what she did or added to the ingredients.

Frustrated , she abandoned the baking and went back to bed. When she woke up in the morning, she received a call from an unknown number.

The caller identified herself as Angel Obinim and told her that he caused her bread not to expand because around that time some people had planned to come and pour acid on her. That when she goes out of the house, she will see the gallon of acid there.

He further went on to tell her that she shouldn’t be shocked when later the gallon of acid disappears and that he will caused whatever that was planned against her to go back to sender within 7 days. Lilian went out of her room into her compound to see a gallon of acid there.

She rushed to call her husband to come and witness this but when they got back the gallon of acid had disappeared. True to his words 5 days after this incident the couple that wanted to pour the acid on her ended up fight amongst themselves and the acid was poured on one of them. Mr Appiah’s second testimony was about how Angel Obinim saved her and her family from cooking and eating food that had charm inside.

She said she and her children where home watching TV one day when a certain young man came there looking for her. The young man told her that a certain lady that owed Mrs Appiah money had put charm in some food stuffs and will be bringing them to her in the evening for her to prepare for her household.

The young man told her to pour the miracle water of Angel Obinim on the items and throw them away. In the evening, the said items were delivered and she did what the young man told her.

At dawn, they heard a commotion outside her house. She and her husband went outside to find out what was going on.

The found the daughter of the woman who brought the food items paralyzed on the ground. When asked what caused it the girl said she was passing by to go to the public toilet in the area when she saw the wrappings of the gift her mother brought to Mrs Appian’s household.

She said she was surprised they threw the items away so she wanted to be sure whether the items were truly in the bag. She however became paralysed. The girl later on died. Her third testimony is about how she and her grand daughter were saved from being used for money rituals. She said on the 8th of September, she decided to visit her bedridden father at Axim with her grand daughter.

When they got to the transport station they took one of those cars popularly called “one pound”. On their way the driver diverted his course and took some busy road at full speed. She said she took hold of the Angel Obinim necklace her grand daughter was wearing and screamed.

All of a sudden all she heard was a very loud slap at the side of the driver. The driver stopped the car immediately. Mrs Appiah said she also found out that a young man who didn’t board the car with her at the station was sitting beside her at the back.

The young man commanded the driver out of the car and told him to sit at the back of the car. He then drove the car to Axim police station. When the car was search they found human part at the booth so the driver was arrested.

Mrs Appiah said from the police the young man brought her and her granddaughter to her father house.


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