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Angel Obinim delivered a woman from a charm which killed her three children

A woman with 8 children was going through spiritual attack with one of her children vomiting blood all the time. She discussed her plight with a friend and the friend advised her to visit a shrine in the north for protection. She took this advised and went to the north to see a fetish priest who gave her a talisman. She said when she returned home, she dreamt and saw that the talisman had turned into a five- headed snake. The next day her child that was vomiting blood died. The following month she had the same dream and saw the same snake and the following morning another child died. This episode repeated itself and a third child died out of the 8 children. Later, she fell ill and a friend visited her. When that friend heard of her plight she gave her Angel Obinim’s bangle. That night, when she slept she dreamt and saw the five-headed snake again. She said the snake tried to pounce on her but the bangle around her wrist turned into fire and the snake disappeared. Based on this dream she decided to go and see Angel obinim for deliverance. Angel gave her an oil direction and told her he will come and work things out for her in her dream. On using the oil she dreamt and saw the five-headed snake again. But this time round Angel Obinim appeared in his angelic form in the dream and rebuked the snake in the name of Jesus. He then went ahead and hit it with one of his wings. Since then she hadn’t had that spiritual attack from the snake again. Joyous, she came to the Accra branch of International Gods Way Church- IGWC to give her testimony.


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  1. Whow Are Powerful Like That,why?

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