Angel Obinim released a Ghanaian jailed 4yrs in Malaysian prison. 

A family are testifying that the head of the family(husband)( Nana asaakwa otua 2) travelled to Malaysia. 

He stayed with a couple who  dealt in fake documents without his knowledge. Oneday the police came and arrested everyone in the house. 
The owner of the had use disappeared so he and the man’s wife were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.
 One day, one of the white prison wardern asked him if he knew angel Obinim, he said yes and the warden told  him angel Obinim will help you. 
A month later he was transfered to a different prison where he called his and asked her if she knew angel Obinim. She told him yes but she hadn’t been to the church before. 
A month after this he dreamt and saw Angel who told him he will turn himself into a judge and get him put of prison. 
After sometime, the case was reviewed and he told he had done nothing wrong as such he was discharged and was deported to Ghana


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4 thoughts on “Angel Obinim released a Ghanaian jailed 4yrs in Malaysian prison. ”

  1. God is really using this man I pray Jesus uses him more n May his anointing become more greater than this I love u daddy

  2. Angel obinim is truely, truely son of God just try him and see the power of our father the creator.type amen and receive u blessings.

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