​Angel Obinim healed a man living in New Jersey.

Richard had severe chest pain and went to trentil medical center in new Jersey and spent $5200. 

He was watching the lunch of the angelic gift  on TV and prayed along. 

When he went to bed he dreamt and saw Angel Obinim in his dream. He asked him where the pains were and he showed him. 
Angel Obinim stretched his hand and prayed for him and the pain disappeared. 
He didn’t feel any pain again when he woke up. It has been many months since the pain disappeared.
 He is in church today to give glorify the name if the lord


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5 thoughts on “​Angel Obinim healed a man living in New Jersey.”

  1. I Keep On Telling My Friends N People Around Me That Bishop Obinim Is Not A Human Being. He Only Came In Human Likeness So That We Can Go Near Him, Otherwise He Is Jesus. Look! He Is Not Angel’ He Is The Holy Spirit.

  2. No Man Out Of The Wormb Of A Woman Can Perform Such Wonders Except The Spirit Leads Him. So I’m Not Surprise. I Need One Word.(money To Pay My Admission V.V. U). Thanks

  3. Please angel you once visited me in my dreams to come see you but I have really up which I will make it apoint come one of this days please angel I have suffered for long and please come to my aid help me in terms job and marriage this is what I ask for in jesus name amen

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