Angel Obinim saved two girls who were kidnapped at Twifo Praso

A woman by name Ama Fosuah testifies she had a dream and Bishop Obinim (Angel Obinim) appeared and warned her about something bad that is about to happened to her. She said she did not pay attention o the dream.

She sad later some workers of her who are sales girls got missing and she was arrested on the suspicion that she has something to do with the missing girls  . She said after the police gave her a bail , she decided to meet Angel Obinim at emergency prayer line. Angel Obinim promised to locate the kids
She said one night she had a dream and Angel Obinim appeared and told her he will help her find the kids.
She said two days later she received a call from the Twifo Praso police station that the two girls have been found.
She disclosed the two later narrated that whiles they were selling, some men in a saloon car bungled then into the car
They say whiles in the custody of the kidnappers, a man came there and warned the kidnappers to release them.  They said the kidnappers blind folded and tied their legs including their hands and   left them at cape coast beach. They say later a woman found them and brought them to Twifo Praso police station.

Filled with excitement, Miss Fosuah gave a testimony to glory God at the Kumasi branch of IGWC.


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