Read how Angel Obinim helped a woman out of 7billion trouble with first Atlantic bank. 

​A woman testifies how God through the founder of International God’s way church,  Bishop Obinim (Angel Obinim)  helped her out of serious financial problem with bank, First Atlantic Bank. 

Georgina Colman said she was going through a lot of challenges. She had a problem with a bank for eighth years. She revealed she was sued for 700,000GHS by the bank (First Atlantic bank) at the Financial High Court 2.

 She was able to pay only 200,000  out of the 700,000GHS she was supposed  to pay because  at that time, her businesses had started running down. The  bank therefore decided to auction one of her buildings so as to use the money to offset the amount she owed them. 
The auction was set to take place two days to Christmas.  Mrs.  Coleman revealed a friend told her to see a man of God but when Mrs Coleman met that man of God,  he told her he would not be able to help her and told her to go and see Angel Obinim.
Mrs.  Coleman said one day she went to buy stuff from a shop and saw a sticker of Angel Obinim in the shop.  She asked about Angel Obinim and the owner of the shop ministered to her, telling her about  what God through Angel Obinim did for her.  Convinced, she came to the Accra branch  of IGWC to see the Angel of God. 

Angel Obinim promised to help her through the power of God.  She revealed Angel said he will sit on the case and collect the house for her and that he will start working on it that same day.
She was given an oil direction to perforn at home.  When she did the direction,  she received  a call the that night from a bank official although banks were closed. 

This surprised her so much since the bank had never called her before. The official scheduled a meeting with her for the following day. She went for the meeting and was asked by the bank to pay 150,000GHS only even though she was initially asked to pay 700, 000 GHS
She told them she cannot get the 150,000 GHS, and came to Angel Obinim again who promised he was working on it. 
Later the bank called again and reduced it to 100,000 but still she was unable to pay. 

So she came to church  and took part in a  seed sowing for 50 cedis and told Angel the bank had asked her to pay 100,000 and that she could not pay that amount.  Angel told her he will work money for  her so she can pays them. She revealed after that she miraculously got the 100,000 to pay the bank.
She says the bank couldn’t not trace the documents covering her building which they took from her.

Her lawyer threatened to sue them and has given them a 7 day ultimatum. 
She testified at the Accra branch of IWC with Joy that God through Angel Obinim helped her out of her problems. 

Below are court documents, bank payments and others


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