Angel Obinim saves paralyzed boy

​Ransford Martey (a little boy) suddenly fell sick and was rushed to the hospital by his mother. He was placed on a  malaria treatment at the hospital for four days but there was no improvement as he was not responding to those treatments.
Doctors at Koforidua Central Hospital advised the mother on a transfer to another hospital. As such, the mother took the boy to Roman hospital.

There, she was told her son has developed bone complications and this was evidenced by the boy becoming totally paralysed.

A friend who saw what Ransford’s mother was going through directed her to Angel Obinim at IGWC. She came to church and during healing time Angel Obinim prayed for the little boy and instantly he could walk again.
The mother said when they went back to Koforidua, doctors checked and confirmed his bones has been totally healed.


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