A Farmer gains financial freedom after an encounter with Angel Obinim.

​Kpanti Moro, from the northern part of Ghana has confessed how Bishop Dr Daniel Obinim the Founder and General Overseer of International Gods Way Church (IGWC) turned his miserable life around through farming.

Kpanti Moro narrating his story at the Tema branch of IGWC said two years ago his business collapsed which resulted into serious hand ship. He was barely living hand to mouth.

According to Moro, he heard of the miracles of Bishop Obinim, popularly known as Angel Obinim and came to him at emergency prayer line in church.

 He was given oil direction to perform and Angel Obinim advised him to go into yam farming.

Moro kpanti heeded to the advise and went into the farming. He disclosed he made a lot of harvest which made him earn huge money out of it. 
 He revealed afterwards he had a bumper harvest again which has changed his financial status.

He disclosed out of the farming he has purchased two benz buses for commercial purpose.

Filled with excitements, attributed his success to the counselling and the prayers he received a through Angel Obinim. Moro gave his testimony at Tema branch of IGWC to the glory of God.

Below are pictures of the two buses Moro purchased

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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