VIDEO: Angel Obinim Commands Isaac Afrani’s Passport to Appear in Church

Isaac Afrani and wife thanking God for a great miracle.

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The leader and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church, is reported to have performed an incredible miracle in church.


Bishop Obinim during a church service at the Kumasi branch of his church last Sunday shocked the world after he supposedly conjured the travelling passport of a church member to appear in church, though the person originally left the passport at home.


Persons who claim they witnessed the supposed miracle likened it to one which was performed by Jesus Christ in Nazareth when he asked a coin to be removed from the mouth of a fish.

According to reports, the miracle happened when Bishop Obinim promised to help a church member get some money and a visa to travel abroad during a prophecy time in church.

The church member told the congregation that he had a dream in which Obinim was giving him some money and a visa.

Bishop Obinim popurlary known as Angel Obinim due to the performance of Angelic miracles was reported to have correctly guessed the man’s name as Isaac Afrani to the amazement of the congregation.

The man then told the church that he had applied for an American visa, but he was denied.


It was at that point that Obinim removed a passport from his pocket with the name Isaac Afrani on it


The congregation could not comprehend what they were witnessing because according to Isaac Afrani, he had hidden his passport in the house and was, therefore, surprised it could appear live in church.

At this stage, the church was thrown into a wild ecstasy as they hailed their Christian leader for the record-breaking miracle.

A video recording of the supposed miracle has since gone viral after it was put on Obinim’s satellite television channel, OB TV and on YouTube channel, Bishop Obinim Ministries.

The passport that appeared live in church.

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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