Angel Obinim miraculously removed mouse from the stomach of a little girl.

A ​man testifies that his daughter, Victoria Enelega was suffering from severe pains

She was rushed to ABC hospital at krachie east and later to Dambai government hospital

But medical officials failed in their attempt to heal her. He revealed one of his child died of similar sickness weeks ago so he was devastated  and depressed didn’t know what to do

 According to the man one day whiles asleep he had a dream and saw a hyena chasing the daughter. He said all of a sudden, Angel Obinim appeared and chased the animal away.

He revealed Angel Obinim promises to heal the daughter during church service the next day.

He disclosed, he sent the little girl to meet Bishop Obinim at International God’s Way Church (IGWC). He said the man of God prayed for her and told him God will heal his daughter.

Truly to the words of Angel Obinim the next day during church service, he prayed for the sick girl 

The father disclosed after the prayers the daughter was ok. 

He said later in a sleep Angel Obinim appeared in his dream again and told him there was a mouse in the stomach of the daughter.

 Angel Obinim delivered her again in the dream. According to the man he woke up from bed and heard the daughter requesting to ease herself. When she did,  the fasces had a dead mouse in it. 

The man was shocked as how a mouse got to the stomach of the baby. He revealed since then his daughter has not fallen sick again.

Out of excitement he gave his testimony to the glory of God at the Tema branch of IGWC.

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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