VIDEO: Angel Obinim cures another HIV Patient in kumasi

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim.

Two times in a week, the leader and founder of International Gods Way Church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim,also known as Angel Obinim has miraculously cured two people diagnosed by doctors of HIV/AIDS.

The first testimony was given by an HIV patient at tema branch of IGWC in Ghana who claimed she was diagnosed negative after she was prayed for by Angel Obinim.
The second incident took place at the Kumasi branch of IGWC. Narrating her story Madam Rahinatu Ibrahim said doctors at kintampo hospital broke the sad news to her that she is HIV positive when she visited the hospital for medical check up.
 She said she heard of the miracle God is using Angel Obinim to do so she decided to visit the church, whiles she was in church, Angel Obinim called her during prophecy time and told her God has revealed to him(Angel Obinim) about the Her HIV status and that he should pray for her and heal her.

According Rahinatu she was surprised because she has not disclosed her HIV status to anyone apart from medical officials who detected it. 

On that day Angel Obinim prayed and delivered her and told her to go for any check because God has removed the virus from her blood.

According to miss Rahinatu, a day after the prayers  she went Panacea medical laboratory for a test, miraculously and strangely the results revealed that she is HIV negative. 
Medical officials could not comprehend the situation so had to recommend different test at other medical facilities. Madam Rahinatu disclosed, several test conducted revealed she is now HIV negative.
Rahinatu says she was in a state of shock for days, because she was astound as to how the HIV virus which is not curable could vanish from her blood after she was prayed for by Angel Obinim.

Filled with joy , Rahinatu Ibrahim gave her testimony to the glory of God at the Kumasi branch of IGWC.
Watch Video as Rahinatu gives her testimony in church

Written by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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