Angel Obinim healed a Woman’s son in UK and credited her account with 3,100 GHS

Madam giving her testimony at Accra branch of IGWC.

Madam Christiana Antwi, a social worker came to the Accra branch of International God’s Way church to testify about the two miracles God used Angel Obinim to do in her life and that of the son.

 According to her, she took two loans from two different banks as such was not taking any salary. 
She prayed to angel Obinim to help her financially as she was now facing financial difficulties. 
That night, when she slept, angel Obinim appeared to her in a dream and told her to check her account when she wakes up.
 The following morning she went to check her account and found  3,100 cedis in her account.

Her second testimony is about her son who called her complaining of sever pains all over his body. He told her several tests at the hospital didn’t showed nothing.
 Madam Christian went to tell angel Obinim at the emergency prayer line because her son was now unable to work due to how severe the pains were. 
Angel Obinim promised her that God will use him to cure the son and gave her a 5- day direction to do for the son. 
After the the direction, the son got completely healed and has since resumed work.
Madam Christiana gave a testimony at the Accra branch of IGWC to the glory of God.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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