Mentally deranged woman receives her healing at Bishop Obinim’s church in kumasi

A woman who got mentally deranged after child birth has been miraculously cured by Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim popular known as Angel Obinim.

Rosina Acquah suffered the illness for a long and all attempts by medical doctors to cure her failed. According to the family of this woman she went mentally ill immediately after delivery, a condition medical officials diagnosed as Postpartum psychosis (puerperal psychosis) 
After all effort to get her cured failed the family of this lady brought her to International God’s way church in Kumasi.
During prophecy time in church, God revealed to Angel Obinim about the woman’s condition. 
Even though she was not in the church auditorium Angel Obinim said “A woman with mental problem has been brought here and she is currently outside the church auditorium. God has revealed to me to pray for her and deliver her”
This came as a shock because the family of the lady have not spoken to the man of God about the sick woman.
The family hastened to surrender her. Angel Obinim prayed for her and Instantly what seems to be evil possession started manifesting till she fell off.
After few minutes, the woman who couldn’t identify her family and also make sound judgement, started to show a sign of gaining her mind back. She could mention her name which she was not able to do before the prayer. 
The family members couldn’t hide their joy as they confirmed the new changes in her behavior. The describe the changes in her behavior as very normal now as compared to earlier.
The over thousand congregants who witness how Angel Obinim delivered the mad woman, burst into a state of joy as they give glory to God for the miracle.

By Joseph Osei Oppong-Brenya


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