God through Angel Obinim turned her life Around-Lady testifies

A young lady gives astonishing testimony as to how God through Angel Obinim helped her business after a spiritual attack.
She reveals she sells in a boutique. One day she had a dream and someone had taken a chair she was sitting on.She said after the dream her business started crushing. 
She said her shop became empty without money to stock the shop. 
According to the lady she met Angel Obinim at International God’s Way and narrated her problem to him. She said Angel Obinim promised God will come to her aide.
 She met Angel Obinim at emergency prayer line and was given a direction.
She said one day whiles asleep she had a dream and saw herself holding a car tyre which was deflated.
 She said all of a sudden she saw Angel Obinim who directed air from the skies into the deflated tyre.
She said after the dream, her business started booming and has continued since.  A situation she is yet to come to terms with. 
Filled with joy, she narrated her testimony at the Tema brach of IGWC.


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