Doctors astound, as patient had her damaged kidney changed by God through Angel Obinim

Madam Cecelia at IGWC giving her testimony.

Doctors are yet to come to terms with a situation that has led them dumbfounded.

 The doctors can not comprehend how a patient with damaged kidney, had her kidney miraculously changed by God through  the founder and general overseer of International God’s Way church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim also known as Angel Obinim

Narrating her chilling story, Madam Cecelia Edual said she was diagnosed of  damaged kidney by lucky herbal clinic after she felt severe general body pains.
According to Madam Cecelia doctors recommended a surgery but she refused and decided to seek spiritual Remedy.

Mrs Eduah said she met Angel Obinim who promised God will use him to help her and gave her a direction to performed.

 She said after performing the direction she was asleep and Angel Obinim appeared in her dream holding new kidney. 
She disclosed Angel Obinim told her he was going to perform spiritual surgery to change her kidney. 

According to Mr. Cecelia Eduah, Angel Obinim kept on hand gloves in the dream and performed the  surgery.

After the dream she went to hospital for a check up. She said it came as a shock to medical officers and herself when the check revealed her damaged kidney has been changed.

She said the doctors could not comprehend the situation and run many  test which all showed her kidney has really been changed.

Mrs. Eduah, filled with joy rolled on the floor as she gives glory to God at the Accra branch of IGWC whiles she give a testimony to the glory of God.

Please watch the video of Mrs. Eduah’s testimony.


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