God through Angel Obinim intervened in a Denmark court case and set a man free

A Ghanaian living in Denmark, Henry Kwesi Otoo narrated his testimony at the Tema Branch of  International God’s Way Church after he was set free by a court in Denmark.

 Mr. Otoo said he was arrested among 18 people for misappropriation of funds.  He said they were arranged before Mossberg court in Denmark. 

He rushed to Ghana to meet Angel Obinim at IGWC for God’s intervention before the date for hearing the case was due.
He said Angel Obinim gave him a direction to perform for five days. 
According to Mr. Otoo  he left Ghana for  Denmark. And a day before appearing in court, he saw Angel Obinim with Mrs Florence in his dream.
 He said in the dream Angel Obinim and the wife took him to a traffic light which had the red light on. 
According to Mr. Otoo Angel Obinim asked him to cross the road immediately the green light come on and if he is able to cross the road, that is sign of victory in the court case.
Mr. Otoo said in the dream, he crossed the road successfully. He said in the morning he went to court. He said whiles in court, the court officials tried many times to retrieve evidence they had against him but failed. 
He said the judge who was not happy with the development acquitted and discharged him from all charges. Mr. Otoo revealed the other eighteen people were found guilty and sentenced into prison custody by the court.
Mr Otoo upon reaching home from the hospital decided to fly back to give testimony to the glory of God.
Watch video of Mr. Otoo’s testimony

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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