VIDEO: Angel Obinim placed 7,000 GHS in the room of a woman and revealed to her in a dream

The woman and her husband giving testimony at IGWC Kumasu

A woman and her husband testify that they were going through serious financial crisis.
They also revealed they have been married for twenty six (26) years without a baby.
The woman narrates she has recommended Angel Obinim to many people and their request have been answered but for her,  for a very long time her request was not forth coming. 
She said one day she lost hope and decided to remove all miracle items of Angel Obinim from her house. 
She said she cried and fell asleep, whiles asleep she said Angel Obinim appeared in her dream and told her he has placed money in a blue polythene bag in her room.
According to the woman she woke up from sleep and embark on a thorough search for what the Angel told her in the dream he has placed in her room.
Lo and behold! She found the blue polythene bag, she opened it and an amount of 7,000 GHS was found in the bag. 
She said the miracle is a mystery she is yet to come to terms with.
Filled with joy the woman and the husband danced whiles she gave her testimony at Kumasi branch of IGWC.
Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is referred to as the “Angel of God” due to his Angelic miracle which comes in the form of healing normal and strange sicknesses , appearing in people’s dream to perform surgery and miraculously crediting the accounts of people with money. 

The man of God is credited with the gift of transforming into animals spiritually  and also different human form to do miraculous things.

Many beneficiaries of his miracles claimed the man of God can give you something in a dream and that particular thing will appear in real life.

Watch video of the testimony. 

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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