A woman bought a car, Land, paid her rent and a new shop after encounter with Angel Obinim

A woman testifies that she was going through serious financial crises even though she was operating a table top market.

She met Angel Obinim at emergency prayer and Angel Obinim promised God will use he, Angel Obinim to help her.

She was given a direction, after performing the direction things have turned around for her.

She said after the encounter with Angel Obinim her finances have change, her life has turned around to extent she has put up a big shop.
She reveals through the Angelic miracles of Angel Obinim she has been able to hire a room for 3000 GHS, a plot worth 7,000 and she has purchase a Toyota saloon car for a taxi worth 12,000 GHS.

The woman filled with joy, gave her  testimony at the Kumasi branch of IGWC.

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is referred to as the “Angel of God” due to his Angelic miracle which comes in the form of healing normal and strange sicknesses , appearing in people’s dream to perform surgery and miraculously crediting the accounts of people with money. 

The man of God is credited with the gift of transforming into animals spiritually  and also different human form to do miraculous things.

Many beneficiaries of his miracles claimed the man of God can give you something in a dream and that particular thing will appear in real life.

By Joseph Osei Oppong-Brenya


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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