VIDEO: Angel Obinim healed HIV positive lady

Rose on her knees thanking Angel Obinim

A 23 year lady was filled with joy, narrating how the popular man of God, Bishop Dr Daniel Obinim, also known as Angel Obinim with the powers of God healed her after two hospitals, Ashiaman health center and  Kantamanto government hospital in Ghana diagnosed her of being HIV positive

According to miss Rose Agbavor she was among the congregation of International God’s Way Church(IGWC) a month when Angel Obinim called her during prophecy time that she is HIV positive and that God has revealed to him to heal her. 
She disclosed she was shock because her HIV status was a secret she has not revealed to anyone.
Miss Agbavor said Angel Obinim prayed for and promised he will appear in her dream and continue with an Angelic healing.

Rose reveals she was asleep one day when Angel Obinim appeared in  dream and told her as he promised in church he has come to continue with the healing.

Miss Agbavor said Angel Obinim prayed for her and asked her to check at the hospital to know her HIV status the next day.

She disclosed she nearly collapsed in the hospital when she was told the virus can not be traced in her blood. 

She said doctors were not sure because they diagnosed her of the virus and cannot comprehend why they can’t trace it again because HIV cannot be cured.

The Doctors who were still confused, recommended she goes to the biggest hospital in the country, Korle-Bu Hospital for further checks.

Upon several checks at Korle-Bu, the doctors at the facility told her she is non reactive, meaning she is HIV negative.

According Miss Rose Agbavor the miracle in her life is shocking. The 23 year old could not hide her joy as she delivers her testimony at the Accra branch of IGWC.

Below is her medical reports and a video of her narration.

Medical report that reveals she is now HIV negative.

Watch Video


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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Angel Obinim healed HIV positive lady”

  1. I like Angel Obinim so much I like to go to Ghana becuose of him if I can see him .God bless him for his everything that he is doing. I want him to pray for me and my children

    1. Angel obinim I’m your follower from Nigeria Im in need of financial breakthrough I need a miracleous lottery number and marital breakthrough pls Angel of God come to my dream and bless me pls pray for me I receive it distance is not a barrier in Jesus Christ name Amen

  2. Emmanuel Nana Ampofoh
    this Man is a true Man of God. at times i dont know what to do or say anytime o sees him on tv that one thing need ANGEL OBINIM i need you in dream i want to see Angel i need him to help me

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