Stop spreading evil lies against Bishop Obinim

*Stop spreading evil lies against Bishop Obinim*
We have observed with keen interest, attempts by some unscrupulous people to spread on social media, lies and evil stories about the founder of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Dr Daniel Obinim.
These stories are lies and we are astonished at the rate at which people are spreading it with evil Intention.. We  would not have reacted to these stories but for the numerous calls we received from friends and loved ones. This clearly shows that the lies have gone far.

The story they are trying hard to link Bishop Obinim to never happened in Ghana. 
It is a story which has been going round for a long time, it was however shocking to see it again with Bishop Obinim’s name attached to it.

Also, the audio of a woman claiming Bishop Obinim took her twins after she failed to come and thank him even though he helped her to deliver,is also a lie. Bishop Obinim listened to the said audio and laughed about it. 

You don’t have to pay money to give testimony of what God has used his servant Bishop Obinim to do for you. In the audio, if you listen to it carefully, you will realize that the person making the allegations tried but failed to disguise his voice as a woman. 
People who are unable to discern are however desperately sharing  the said audio on social media.

Once again enemies of the gospel have failed just like how numerous attempts by these people to attack the work of God failed.

We will like to entreat the public to ignore these lies being spread around. 
Whiles we put in effort to make people know how untrue these stories are,we will not hesitate to take legal actions against any persons  who are deliberately spreading these propaganda on social media.
 Thank you
God bless you.
Jesus loves you so much

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya,

Media aide to Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim.


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