VIDEO: Angel Obinim healed a paralyzed woman.

Madam Joyce telling her story to Angel Obinim before healing

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim, founder and general overseer of International God’s Way Church healed a woman who was totally paralyzed.

  Madam Joyce Adogore was knocked down by a vehicle whiles selling ice kenkey on tema motorway. 
She was admitted at the korle Bu hospital for three weeks, she was then taken home and got paralyzed.
  Angel Obinim with his Angelic powers from God almighty healed her. 

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is referred to as the “Angel of God” due to his Angelic miracle which comes in the form of healing normal and strange sicknesses , appearing in people’s dream to perform surgery and miraculously crediting the accounts of people with money. 

The man of God is credited with the gift of transforming into animals spiritually  and also different human form to do miraculous things.

Many beneficiaries of his miracles claimed the man of God can give you something in a dream and that particular thing will appear in real life.



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One thought on “VIDEO: Angel Obinim healed a paralyzed woman.”

  1. All l want to say now is that, our number one Angel should keep quiet . His Father Jesus Christ of Nazareth will deal drastically with those who meant to tarnish his reputation without a tangible reason.

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