A Navy Officers gives two extraordinary testimony about what Angel Obinim did for him.

Sargent Gyemfi first at the right side giving testimony in chuch

Ameyaw Gyemfi, a Navy officer testifies he was called by Angel Obinim during prophecy time at International God’s Way Church and declared that he has giving him promotion because God has revealed to him he (Gyemfi) is a Navy officer.

He said Angel Obinim prayed for him and assured him it will manifest.

The officer testifies after the prophecy he has been promoted two times within few months. 

He said his rank was lance corporal and he was promoted to corporal and strangely promoted to Sargent in a little pace of time.

In another testimony, Sargent Gyemfi said he undertook a course at GIMPA.
 He said he was set for examination and prayed to God to use Angel Obinim to write the exams for him.

He said whiles asleep Angel Obinim appeared in his dream and told him to be calm because he will help him pass his Exams.

Mr Gyemfi revealed he took the exams and surprisingly he had first class honor.
Filled with joy and excitment, Sargent Gyemfi expressed his gratitude to God for using Angel Obinim to do these wonderful things in his life.

Below are pictures of his ceritificates

Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is referred to as the “Angel of God” due to his Angelic miracle which comes in the form of healing normal and strange sicknesses , appearing in people’s dream to perform surgery and miraculously crediting the accounts of people with money. 

The man of God is credited with the gift of transforming into animals spiritually  and also different human form to do miraculous things.

Many beneficiaries of his miracles claimed the man of God can give you something in a dream and that particular thing will appear in real life

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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