God through Angel Obinim healed a totally paralyzed kid.

Angel Obinim praying for Ransford at IGWC, Accra

Mrs Florence Tetteh,a trader who lives at Koforidua, the capital of Eastern Region in South Ghana revealed her son Ransford Martey,a student at Rotary Day Care School in Koforidua went totally paralyzed for months as a results of strange sickness.
 She said Doctors at Roman Hospital and Koforidua Central Hospital performed a surgery on her son but failed to heal him.

                                                                             According to mrs Tetteh all hopes were gone.She saw Bishop Obinim on Television and she prayed with faith calling on God to use Angel Obinim to heal her son.
Madam Florence later noted that it would be very crucial to meet the Founder and General Overseer of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Obinim at Accra branch for a miraculous healing, they later met the man of God at church service.


During healing hour, the Angel of God fervently prayed and commanded him to receive his healing.
Immediately after the prayer Ransford who is totally paralyzed started walking on his own which  thrown the congregation into dancing and jubilation


Filled with joy and excitement, Bishop Obinim and his pastor bow on their knees thanking God for the healing mercy.

                                                                                                                                                                gospelreviewgh.com will bring you extensive coverage of how ANGEL OBINIM MIRACULOUSLY HELPED MAVIS DEDE OTU, A MIDWIFE (NURSE)  AT LEGON HOSPITAL TO QUITS 8 YEARS DRUG ADDICTION and other dumbfounding miracles of Bishop Obinim.



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