Couple give dumbfounding testimony about Angel Obinim.

This couple came to IGWC to give two testimonies. Their first is about the fact that they have been married for eight years without a child.  They revealed all medical attempts to help them conceive proved futile.

They met Angel Obinim at emergency prayer line. The Angel of God promised God through him will help them.

According to the woman one night she was asleep and Angel Obinim appeared with a baby and gave the baby to her.
 After the dream, doctors revealed she was pregnant. She went through the nine months and has given birth to a baby girl.

The couple have named the new baby after the wife of Bishop Obinim.

 Their second testimony involves the man lossing GH 2,800 cedis  mysteriously. All attempts to trace it failed.

He revealed, he prayed with Angel Obinim’s sticker. 
He said later he checked and the money had strangely returned to where he placed it. Filled with joy, the couple came to give these testimonies to the glory of God.


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