Angel Obinim cured a couple from a deadly sickness

Madam Mary Ensah and her husband  came to IGWC to give their testimonies  to glorify the name of God, Angel Obinim and his father Jesus. She reveals she was diagnosed of stomach ulcer and other stomach complications.  
She heard of Angel Obinim of IGWC and came to see him. She said Angel Obinim promised to heal her and gave her an oil directions for 5 days. 

 Mrs. Ensah said after performing the direction given to her by angel  Obinim,she dreamt and saw angel Obinim who told her he is going to perform angelic healing on her.
 She disclosed angel Obinim removed certain things from her stomach and declared that she was healed.
Madam Ensah testifies after the dream checks at the hospital revealed she was totally healed.

Her husband  also testifies  that he developed heart enlargement and kidney problem. 

He also met Angel Obinim and performed the direction he gave  him. 
 Afterwards, checks at the Bolgatanga Regional hospital reveals he is totally healed. 

 A Miracle the couple are yet to come to terms with. They are in church to give testimony to the glory of God.

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