Angel’ Obinim is God’s manifestation on earth – Ivorian Apostle

A Ghanaian Ivorian Apostle has vehemently declared that the founder and general overseer of International God’s Way Church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has truly been made an Angel and that, words from his mouth works instantly.
 He said Bishop Obinim known as Angel Obinim due to his Angelic Miracles have been made a God on earth and quoted Exodus 7:1 “Then  the LORD said to Moses, Pay close attention to this. I will make you seem like God to Pharaoh, and your brother, Aaron, will be your prophet” to support his claim. 
Apostle Dr. Patrick Agbeza who is the General overseer of Holy Ghost Pentecostal International in Abidjan, recounted how he strangely encountered Angel Obinim.
 According to Apostle Dr.Agbeza he was watching OBTV in Abidjan and saw Angel Obinim heal a teacher who was totally paralyzed. 
He disclosed he was touched by the work of Angel Obinim so he went on his knees and prayed to God to bless him(Angel Obinim) for the good work he was doing if really he is from God.

He revealed that the next morning, he received a strange  call and the caller introduced himself as Angel Obinim. According to Apostle Agbaza he was surprised because he has never met Angel Obinim nor called him on phone before.

 He said Angel Obinim told him he heard his prayers for him last night so Apostle should come and meet him in Ghana.
Apostle Agbaza who was trying to understand the mystery met with his church elders to inform them of the strange call. 

Whiles in a discussion  with the church  elders, Angel Obinim called again so he decided to put the call on loud speaker. Strangely, Angel Obinim told him he can see he is discussing the issue with his church elders. A revelation which left the church elders astonished and wondering how he knew they were in a meeting. 
This development made the church elders believe Apostle’s account of the strange call he received earlier.
Apostle Agbaza in the company of one other elder of his church, came to Ghana to meet Angel Obinim, he said Angel Obinim told him he will turn things around in his ministry.

Apostle Agbaza testifies after his encounter with Angel Obinim, his ministry has progress miraculously. He said he now owns seven private cars some of which are gifts from his church  members who have benefited from him. 

Apostle Agbaza who could not hide his joy and the dumbfounding miracles God has done for him through Angel Obinim, came back to IGWC in Ghana to give testimony to the glory of God.

Apostle Agbaza on his first visit to Ghana, requested that Angel Obinim should introduce French translation so that people in the Francophone countries can watch and listen to his church programs. His request was granted. 

The man of God has again made a request for Angel Obinim to visit their church in Abidjan because he (Angel Obinim) was not made an Angel for Ghana alone.

Watch this video carefully and listen to Apostle Agbaza’s testimony.

Watch Video of Angel Obinim anointing Apostle Agbeza and his church Elders.

Story by Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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  1. I decree and declare I will also testify on behalf of my son in Accra or Tema IGWC in Jesus’ name, amen!

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