Angel Obinim deposited 2,800GHS in my account and brought my missing Passport-woman Testifies.

A woman revealed she had planned to travel but was also going through serious financial challenges. 

She disclosed she was watching OBTV in her house and decided to meet Angel Obinim at International Gods Way Church (IGWC)
After an encounter with Angel Obinim, in the night she prayed to God to use Angel Obinim to help her.
She revealed whiles sleeping Angel Obinim appeared in her dream and told her he has deposited 2,800GHS in her bank account so when she wake up she should check her bank account. She said the Angel told her to use the money to prepare her traveling documents.
Truly to the words of Angel Obinim, she went to the bank in the morning and the 2,800 GHS was strangle deposited into her account.
After preparing her traveling passport, later her passport got missing and all attempt to retrieve it failed. 
She said she went to sleep and in a dream Angel Obinim appeared again holding her passport with 500 CFA.
She said in the dream she enquired and the Angel Obinim told her is a sign that she will traveling to a foreign country that uses CFA

Surprisingly she woke up from sleep and saw the passport and the 500 CFA in her room. 

A situation she is yet to come to terms with. She came to church with the passport and and the 500 CFA to testify to the glory of God.


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