Angel Obinim transformed into a strange man and gave me 15,000GHS 

Madam Christiana testify she was facing serious financial challenge. She met Angel Obinim at a emergency prayer line at International God’s Way Church. 

She said Angel Obinim promised he will come in the form of a different person to help her.
She was given a five day oil direction to perform. After performing the direction, she testifies that the next day whiles in the house a gentleman came to her and told her “am here because of what you told me days”

The woman said the gentleman told her he will send someone to bring her money. She said the gentleman requested for transportation and a drink which the she gave to him

The woman revealed the next day a a different gentleman came to her house and told her the boss sent him to give her 15,000 GHS, a development she did not understand, she said the first gentleman came back to the house and asked her has the person brought the money and she answered in affirmation.

She said the gentleman told her if she want to see him she should come to where she came to tell her problem

She continued later she met a man who promised to help her. She says the man helped her financially to extent that she has been able to build her own seven bedroom house.
The woman filled with excitement and gratitude came to IGWC to give testimony to the glory of God.

Photo of the house she built


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3 thoughts on “Angel Obinim transformed into a strange man and gave me 15,000GHS ”

  1. Amazing grace,Angel God of ur ancestors will see u through to accomplish ur mission Amen .you re the angel of our time glory be to the most high for given to us not ordinary but an angel to help solve our problems.

  2. Angel 1 ,I am connected to this Grace , I want serious money , I believe God of Daddy for same miracles

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