Read how Angel Obinim miraculously removed bullet from a man

A man testifies Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim in his spiritual form as Angel Obinim removed a bullet from his body and gave him a new bone in a dream which manifested Physical.
 Mr  Annor  Samuel, narrating his experience at the Accra branch of the International God’s Way Church (IGW) , said he was on his way to the farm one day when someone shot him with a gun. 

 He collapsed and was rushed to the Koforidua Central Hospital. His family reported the shooting incidence to the Akyem Ofoasi police  station.

At the hospital, it was found out that, the bullet entered his stomach, pass through it and then entered one of his thigh bone causing a fracture.

 Mr Annor was booked for surgery but he was informed by the doctors that after the operation he would have  to use clutches to walk since one of his thigh bones has been affected. 

Mr  Annor’s sister who heard of his brother’s ordeal, prayed with Angel Obinim’s miracle sticker asking God to make Angel Obinim visit the brother and perform spiritual surgery on him.

That same night, Mr Annor’s sister had a dream and saw Angel Obinim who was sweating profusely. She asked why he was sweating and Angel Obinim told her, he went to visit her brother to perform the operation she prayed about.

 Angel Obinim told her he has fixed a new bone into the leg of the brother and has removed every bullet from his body. 

The next day she placed a call to the brother  to narrate her dream to him. Mr Annor told her he also had a similar dream and saw Angel Obinim the previous  night and that Angel fix a new bone into his Leg and told him he has removed  every bullet from his body and continued  that when doctors  come and check him up they will stitch him up and that will be the end of it all.

 Two days after the dream,  doctors came to checkup on Mr Annor. They stitched him up and told him the scan shows he has a brand new bone and that all the bullets have disappeared  from his body.

A development which came as a surprise to medical doctors and people who knew his problem. Filled with joy, Mr. Annor and his sister later came to IGWC to give testimony to the glory of God.

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