Read how Angel Obinim helped a barren 46yr old Togolese to conceive   

Sefira Abubakar, a Togolese woman age 46 revealed God’s intervention through Bishop Obinim, ‘aided’ her to conceive. 
According to Mrs Abubakar all effort to get her pregnant prove futile. 

She testifies that she was given a direction by a man of God to chew a bowl of egg shells to enable her get pregnant but all did not yield any results.                                                                                                   Madam Sefira reveals that she saw Bishop Obinim on Television announcing that he can help barren women to deliver so she prayed with faith calling on God to use Angel Obinim to give her  a baby.

she said one day she met the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church Bishop Obinim on emergency prayer line narrated her problem.                                     
The popular man of God touched her stomach and said to have placed a baby in her womb.                                                                                                                                       After her encounter with Bishop Obinim the same months several scan proved she is pregnant for 5 months, She testified at the Kumasi Branch of IGWC…                                                                                 Watch full videos on YOUTUBE @ BISHOP OBINIM MINISTRIES.


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