​Press statement
Our attention has been drawn to a news publication makings rounds purported to have come out as a result of an interview granted to a kumasi based *Abusua Fm* by one fetish priest called Mawuli popularly known as Nana Nframa.
We want to tell the general public to disregard the comment alleged to have been made by this fetish priest. Once again this is another failed attempt to smear the name of the leader and founder of International God`s way church, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim.
In the interview, the fetish priest is alleged to have said that “Bishop Obinim is fake because he could not exorcise his idol spirit”.

The truth of the matter is that; this fetish priest came to church and revealed that he 

had planned to give up on his idol worshiping. Whiles asleep, according to him, Angel Obinim appeared to him and asked him to come to his church to be delivered. 
When he came to church, he was prayed for and delivered off the idol spirit.
 Now as Christians, we all know that if you are delivered, these spirits lingers around and look for the opportunity to take dominion of the body again if you return to your sinful ways. Not to say that is what happened but if he claims the spirit are worrying him again then that is our conclusion.
He claimed in the interview that he had to pay 100 ghana cedis and 200 ghana cedis anytime he wanted to meet Bishop Obinim. We want to state categorically that you don’t have to pay money before you can meet Bishop. Bishop Obinim is always in church and you can have access to him at anytime through a number of ways. One of such is during prophecy time, where, when God reveals people’s problems and other issues to him, he calls these people to pray for them. These people  pay nothing.
Another way is through mass deliverance where he prays and heal the sick which is also for free. 

The only time you are asked to support him is when you want to go for emergency which with 50 Ghana cedis you will have the opportunity. This support is asked for to enable  the church pay for OBTV broadcast which cost  huge amounts of money every month.
The fetish priest said he lived in one of the houses of bishop for a long time without paying rent, light or water bill and alluded to the fact that Bishop use to give him money. How contradicting since in one breath he stated that he had to sell his house, land and other properties to enable him pay 100 and 200 Ghana cedis to meet Bishop. He  also claimed to have lived in Bishop’s compound for long, nobody living in the compound of Bishop Obinim will have to pay money to meet him. This is not logical since a person living on the compound has access  to him anytime and need not pay money. 
It is very clear that this is one of the evil agendas to drag the name of the man of God into disrepute again. I know everyone has noticed the increasing attempts to cause the man of God public disaffection. 
Here we are today, stricken by the tsunami of poor journalism that threatens to wash away the integrity of the entire media fraternity. I write with the pain of a Christian organization betrayed and the anguish of a people ravaged, whose faith in the nations most cherished institution now lies on a crash earth. As a Christian organization, we come with faith in the ultimate goodness of our country men. Faith that the media will rise from the ashes of despair. 
There is no way we are going to allow the media, another arm of government to get that way. Whatever it will help, however it will take, all of us young and old will rally together to clear and build foundation of good media.

In an eerily atmosphere the devil uses human beings to smear the name of Bishop Obinim and now it is clear to all that all the bad publications against Bishop Obinim are lies.

Bishop is not discouraged by this but very determined to execute the work assigned to him by Jesus Christ.   1Corintians 1:18
Thank You.

Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.

Media aide to Bishop Obinim.

0244587045, 0505141979

Richard Jackson



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