Bishop Obinim Branded Exercise Books and Pens donated to the less privileged children

Young Ghanaian Humanist, Entrepreneur, TV broadcaster, and a mother, Kafui Dzivenu, fondly known for her charity works for deprived children and the aged, has done it again – this time, donated over 1,000 copies of exercise books, bags, and pens to some children in Mamprobi, a suburb of Accra.

Charity works come easy as blinking the eyes to Kafui. She embarks on charity works almost every day and makes a grand one at the end of each year. In an exclusive interview with, she tells us of her latest works (making sure school going children who can’t fund their educational materials) had funding from Bishop Obinim – the Angel of our time.

“I spoke to him (Bishop Obinim) about the reopening of school and how it’s stressful for some parents around Mamprobi to get books and bags for their children because in my research on why some don’t go to school, they complained about books” Kafui told

She continued, “So this is a fellowship, New Chapel International, in Mamprobi who meets and pray. We gave them books, pens and bags so that the parents who come to the fellowship with their children can be happy – and they really were happy. It was not announced. It was a surprise.”

Asked why she branded the souvenirs with Bishop Obinim’s images, she giggled and retorted: “It’s just a way to let them know he is part of them and will love to see the kids in school. Some of the parents were even asking for his stickers because they claim when the child takes the books to school, it means he is gone with the child and will only come home when the child is back home.”


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