Angel Obinim cured me of Hepatitise B and helped me get USA Immigrant VISA.

Mr. Anthony Yeboah disclosed he had plans to travel to seek greener Pasture in the United State of America. All effort to process his documents to enable him travel failed. He said he has been duped by agents for a number of times and his travelling passport got missing in the process.

He said he heard of Angel Obinim and came to International God’s Church for God’s intervention.

The Angel of God promised to help him and gave him oil to use for 5 days. He applied for the VISA again. He said later he went to hospital for a check up should in case he goes through with the processing of the VISA.

He said later checks at Amend Diagnostic center in Tema showed he has  hapetitise B. A sickness which will cause authorities to prevent him from traveling if is detected.

Mr. Yeboah disclosed he came back to Angel Obinim to cure him. He said Angel asked his Accra residents pastor, ONE BLOW to pray for him, he did and later checks revealed he is negative.

As if that was not enough, according to Anthony Yeboah he received a call from the America Embassy to go to DHL for some documents. Lo and behold the documents were his traveling papers.He checked and realized he was given a citizen Visa.(Immigrant VISA)

Mr. Anthony says he is dumbfounded by the miracle. He said he is still yet to come to terms with what has happen in his life.

As a sign of gratitude, Mr. Anthony Yeboah came to IGWC Tema branch to give testimony to the glory of God for the two miracles he has used Angel Obinim to perform for him.

By Joseph Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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