Angel Obinim miraculously saved my baby from death-woman testifies.

Mrs Rita Yankey testifies her baby was attacked by convulsion and was rushed to Effua Nkwata Hospital in the Western region of Ghana, Doctor Oduka, a Nigerian Doctor was attending to the baby.
She said the baby was put on 30 drips and oxygen but her health was not improving for almost two weeks. She said strange lump started growing on the head.

She reveals she called a sister who is a member of Bishop Obinim’s International God’s Way Church. She said her sister met Angel Obinin on her behalf.

She was given oil direction. She said whiles performing the oil direction, Angel Obinim with three of his pastors appeared in her dream at the hospital.

She said in the dream Angel Obinim held the baby and started removing worms from the baby’s nose and mouth. Mrs Rita said the Angel of God removed a bowl full of worms.

She said after the dream she woke up and still saw the lumb. She disclosed after performing the direction for the 5th day, the head lumb vanished. 

A miracle which has stunned medical workers and her family.

The woman reveals Dr Oduka was baffled and had no option than to clap for Angel Obinim for a miracle he never witnessed before in his medical profession.

The woman with her baby are in church to give glory to God for using Angel Obinim to heal the few months old baby.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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