​​Angel Obinim miraculously brings back a Ghanaian  woman locked up in Saudi Arabia.

The founder and general overseer of International God’s Church (IGWC), Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim popularly referred  to as Angel Obinim miraculously aided a Ghanaian woman locked up in the United Arab Emirates. 
Similar incident happened few months ago when Angel Obinim miraculously vanished with a young lady awaiting death in the same country back to Ghana.
Madam marry testifies that  she had travelled to Saudi Arabia on a contract to serve as a nanny and house maid. On her arrival in the country, the agreement changed.
She disclosed she was made to take care of a fat bedridden woman, a task she says was too difficult for her. She decided to abrogate the contract to enable her come back to Ghana after working for two weeks. 
He employers demanded of her to fulfil the contract or else they will not allow her back to Ghana. Sensing that she could run, the employers locked her up for days.
According to the woman she prayed and asked God to use Angel Obinim to help her come back. She reveals that, that night Angel Obinim appeared in her dream and told her he will help her so in three days she will be allowed to come back to Ghana.
After the dream, she said she was in the room and her employers surprisingly  came to her and told her they will release her to go back home, a development which baffles her because all signs indicated that she will not be allowed to come back to Ghana if she doesn’t pay off the amount wasted on her for the travel.
True to their words, her employers contracted an Immigration officer to help her in the process of her returning. After the necessary procedures, she was allowed to come back to Ghana. 
Filled with gratitude, madam Mary upon arrival visited IGWC to thank God and Angel Obinim for the intervention.
By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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