The miracle that made Angel Obinim to roll on the floor.

Madam Felicia Obeng has been paralyzed for 9months. According to her daughter she was in the house when she heard a strange noise, she rushed to the scene only to see her mother on the floor. Vedio: The Miracle That Made Bishop Obinim to Roll On The Floor.

She disclosed the mother who was preparing to go out, fell off and became paralyzed instantly, a situation which baffles her and the entire family.

She said since then, the family have been taking her to one hospital after the other but her situation remained the same. 

She was brought to International God’s Way Church for God’s intervention through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim who is known as Angel Obinim due to the performance of Angelic miracles.

Bishop Obinim who was declaring healing to the sick, saw madam Felicia Obeng and hit her leg to start walking. Instantly Mrs. Obeng began to walk without any help.

The daughter who was dumbfounded by the miracle through Angel Obinim revealed that for so many years the mother has not been able to stand neither to talk of walk.

Mrs. Felicia who received healing, graduated from standing to walking, from running to dancing, an incident which thrown the entire congregation into dancing and praising God for a miracle beyond comprehension.

By. Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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Using the media to spreading the work of God through his ministers

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