Read how Angel Obinim helped a miner to get 1.45 billion cedis.

A small scale miner known as Issah Jallu who lives in the upper west region of Ghana testifies he has been in the mining business for two years. He reveals even though he was working hard, his financial situation remained unchanged and effort to find a remedy failed.

He informed his mother about his financial problems and the mother advised him to follow her to International God’s Way Church for God’s intervention through Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim also known as Angel Obinim.

At emergency prayer line, Angel Obinim gave him oil direction to perform for five days and also promised God will ‘lift’ his mining business.

 He reveals after performing the oil direction, few months later he hit a gold boom. Jallu reveals since then anytime he goes to his mining site he finds gold which amazed him. He said through this, his financial status changed.

He disclosed he has been able to purchase a commercial urvan vehicle worth 53,000 ghana cedis and also built a three bedroom house worth 110,000 Ghana cedis. All amounts to 1.45 billion old Ghana cedis, equivalent to 36.000 dollars.

Surprised by the financial turn around, Jallu says God through Angel Obinim helped him to achieve all these. 

Mr. Jallu in the company of his mother came to IGWC kumasi brach to give testimony to the glory of God. 

Below is a picture of the house and a picture of a document covering the vehicle.


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3 thoughts on “Read how Angel Obinim helped a miner to get 1.45 billion cedis.”

  1. that was a generous gesture, god richly bless you Bishop
    but i also have a problem and will need your kindness to help my brothers go to school by Friday, 13th January, 2017… I’ll be forever indebted,thank you bishop and god bless you

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