Angel Obinim miraculously helped a lady to win Newmont school feeding job.

A young unemployed lady Cecilia Owiridua testifies she lost her job and could hardly afford three square meal a day. She said all effort to gain employment was unsuccessful and life became very unbearable for her.

She disclosed she heard of the wonders  God is using Angel Obinim, the Founder and General Overseer of International God’s Way Church to do in the lives of his children, so she decided to petitioned him for God’s intervention.

Ms. Owiridua reveals soon after perfoming an oil direction given to her by Angel Obinim, Information got to her that Newmont Ghana company, a mining giant was recruiting caterers for a school feeding program at New Abirem in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

She said she was among seventeen other well qualified applicants and were later reduced to three people.  She revealed many dreams she had all pointed to the fact that the Angel of God was helping her to win the catering contract.

Ms. Owiridua disclosed she went through all the interviews and to her  utmost surprised she won the contract. A development which has left her Astonished.

Filled with joy and gratitude Ms.Owiridua came to tema branch of IGWC to give a testimony to the glory of God .


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