ICE TV introduces ‘Ice selfie’ concept.

A new satellite television, ICE TV owned by popular man of God, Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim has introduce a new concept known as ‘ICE Selfie’ days after the station commenced a test transmission

The ‘ICE Selfie’ is a concept which gives viewers of the station an opportunity to send a whatsapp video reguest to MTN number 0546379248 for any song of your choice. Your whatsapp video request is played on TV including the song you requested for.

The concept has attracted a lot f viewers who every second, send a video to reguest for their favourite music to be played. ICE TV is the only TV station in ghana that has developed such a concept.

You might want to see yourself on Television, just send your video request for it to be played on TV alongside the music you requested.

ICE TV was acquired by Bishop Obinim when his Christian satellite television OB TV was shut down seven months ago due to an alleged descripancies in it’s registration. 

After  countless negotiations, OB TV was given the permission to transmit its programs. Thus making the TV stations two. Bishop Obinim decided to rebrand ICE TV for commercial purposes. 

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya


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