Identify the Ruth, Naomi and Orpah in your life-Bishop Obinim.

The founder and General Overseee of International Gods Way church has admonished individuals to clung on to people and should not desert them in the mist turbulence and strangulation 

The man of God who was delivering a sermon about Ruth, Naomi and Orpah in the Bible told his congregation to identify the Ruth in their life.

Bishop Obinim, popularly known  as the Angel of God said “Ruth was the lady who clung to her destiny. She inherited a family by marriage. The family line was no ordinary one for out of it came Jesus 

Ruth was born a Moabite (or Gentile) yet her faithfulness led her to a greater inheritance. She clung unto that which was good. Neither circumstances nor things past were able to hinder her from laying hold of that which was more precious.

Ruth’s life is a picture of the born-again Christian. We are born again by faith. We all have to make a choice to walk with God. Do you cherish what you have inherited in Christ more than the world and all it has to offer”, he questioned.

“People are married to Olpahs in their lives so in any bad situation they abandoned you to suffer alone, identify your Ruth and your Orpahs.  God deal with people personally, he doesn’t deal with them base on what and where they belong. 

Last week I prayed for both NPP and NDC members in my church, I see them individually not the party they belong. If the president or the president elect offend me, I will deal with them in person not the political party they belong. God doesn’t deal with us base on the churches we worship with, he deals with us base on our character, our heart and not the church we attend” He said

“2017 someone will help you and you will be surprise where the person comes from or the party the person belongs, don’t decide to hate and dislike people base on their political party because you might be blocking your chance if you do so. Bishop Obinim advised.

Don’t abandoned people because of their current situation. Identify your Ruth, Naomi and Orpah. Your Pastor,a friend, family can be your Naomi, Ruth or Orpas I identify them accordingly and know how to leave your life.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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