A miner found plenty gold after Angel Obinim directed him to a land in a dream

Mr. Osei giving testimony in church.

Osei Asumanim from Manson Agrosum in the Ashanti Region of Ghana testifies that for the past three and half years as a small scale miner, his life has seen no improvement. He could hardly afford three square meal a day

He said all meaningful attempts to change his financial status, proved futile. He narrates, he heard of the wonders God is performing through Bishop Dr Daniel Obinim of the International God’s way church and decided to seek Gods intervention

He said he was in church when during prophecy time, Bishop OBINIM called him and gave him a prophecy that his finances will improve soon together with a handkerchief.

Mr. Osei disclosed one day he Prayed to God to intervene in his predicament with the handkerchief the man of God gave him. He went further that he prayed asking Angel Obinim to perform a miracle in his life. He said that night whiles asleep, Bishop Obinim (Angel Obinim) appeared in his dream and told him there is gold in a certain land so he should try and acquire that land. 

After the dream, Mr. Osei said he went to the land owner but was told the land had already been acquired by some Chinese miners. He told the land owner , “Angel Obinim appeared in my dream and  told me to come for the land”. Immediately he mentioned Angel OBINIM, the land owner said  he will repossess the land and give to him(Mr. Osei). He did  and refunded the money back to the Chinese nationals.

After Mr. Osei acquired the land, he  reveals he found the gold Angel Obinim told him about in his dream on a section of the land. As a result, his business started booming and he was able to purchase a car, land to put up a building, a tricycle and a motorbike. Aside these properties, he has  15,000 cedis  in his bank account, just four months that he had an encounter with Angel Obinim.

Mr Osei was in Kumasi branch to testify as to what God through Angel Obinim had done for him in just four months.


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