A bad heart will lead you to shame- Prophetess Juliana IGWC

Akosombo resident pastor of  International Gods Way Church has advised christian to work towards having a good heart. Prophetess Juliana gave this sermon during Friday’s church service at Akrade, Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

According to prophetess Juliana Awuku, the heart directs the mind. Hence a good heart will direct your path the right way.

“People have gone through destruction and disgrace because of their heart. Most people have a lying heart, a heart which lies always lead you into a disgrace” she said.

“There are pastors and head of churches who don’t have a good heart and the end is shameful, even though they are precieved as men and women of God. The heart controls the mind, so where your heart is, is where your mind will be. Even in marriage or relationship, people lie to their partners and this eventually causes divorce or end the relationship. The heart has destroyed and led many people into an abyss”

Prophetess Julliana advised Christians to work on their heart, to pray for a good heart; a heart that understands, love, does not lie, is compassionate etc, which will give them a good ending.

“If you have a good heart, your thoughts and actions will be good, so work on your heart” She advised.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya.


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