The gospel of Christ is foolishness to unbelievers but it is power for us-Bishop Obinim

The leader and Founder of International Gods Way Church has entreated Christian to fight the good fight of faith despite misconception about the issues of the cross.

The popular man of God who was teaching his  congregation, told them to continue to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and  quoted 1 Corinthians: 1:17 -19 to support his teachings. 

 Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim said “Whatever we do as Christians, whether it is preaching, healing, prophecies, it is foolishness in the sight of unbelievers. Our prayers and others are also foolishness in their sight including the word and teachings of Jesus Christ.

He went on further to say that, because we have been made holy through Jesus Christ and we believe in his word, it has turned into power for us.”That is where we get healing, salvation, prophecies and others from.  The unbelievers will not benefit from the word because it is foolishness unto them. As such unbelievers have many problems”

“Some secular musicians, ministers, MPs, actors or actress and others see the issues of the cross as foolishness. If you are defending the cross, the unbelievers will condemn you,  no matter the church you attend, never expect the unbeliever to agree with you. Continue your good work and God will bless you accordingly. Don’t expect any good comment from unbelievers about issues of the cross. It is foolishness to them but it will turn into power to work for you”. He admonished

“This is the reason why some of our stars can not go to church, because if they are capture on camera and prophecy is given to them, it becomes a problem to them. Their colleagues who see these as foolishness will give bad comment about it”

Bishop Obinim reveals, “Those who see the gospel as foolishness have problems that are of great or huge magnitude. Therefore believers have peace more than them. There is  no where in the bible that it is stated that the unbeliever should be successful and prosperous than a believer”

“If you see an unbeliever successful, then the person has condition to his or her success. Let me tell, don’t ever say the person is richer than you, the person has conditions to his riches” He ended.


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