Bishop Obinim gives a man directed to him by TB Joshua 54,000 cedis to save him from jail

The family of Mr. oppong is filled with gratitude as Popular man of God and a philanthropist, Bishop Dr.Daniel Obinim paid a court fine of 54,000 Ghana cedis to save Mr Oppong from spending the rest of his life in jail.

Narrating his story, Mr Oppong told congregation of International Gods Way church (IGWC) in accra that he was directed to Bishop Obinim by popular Nigerian pastor TB Joshua after he went to him for God’s intervention. He said the man of God told him, God has revealed to him Bishop Obinim is the person to help him so he has to met him.

Mr Oppong who was impending a jail sentence after he was sent to court for allegedly aiding a security man to dup some people to the tune of 54,000 Ghana cedis.
 The money was collected from the victims with the hope of recruiting them into the Ghana Police service. The main suspect,a police officer who is on the run, according to Mr Oppong was friend of his who approached him to help him recruit people into the security service.

After collecting various sum of money with the help of Mr Oppong, the security officer is said to have gone into hidding after he failed to deliver as promised.

Mr. Oppong was arrested and after court process he was sentenced to 5yrs in prison or pay the amount collected from the victims.

With no help coming, the family of Mr. Oppong met the man of God at emergency prayer line. The story of Mr Oppong touched Bishop Obinim who removed 54,000 Ghana CEDI’s for the to pay for the freedom of Mr Oppong.

Mr Oppong is 50yrs, married with 4 children and could have spend the rest of his life in jail. The family who were surprised by the kind gesture from Bishop Obinim could not hide their joy.


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2 thoughts on “Bishop Obinim gives a man directed to him by TB Joshua 54,000 cedis to save him from jail”

  1. This story is fake. I watch Emmanuel TV all the time and I never seen TB Joshua send anyone to this man. People should stop trying to using TB Joshua’s name to make headline news.

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