Bishop Obinim delivers a powerful sermon “Live within your means”

“​All hands are not equal so look at your position and live your life accordingly” this was the message to his congregation by the founder of International God’s Way Church Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim during last Wednesday Accra church service. 

Bishop Obinim who is popularly  refered to as the Angel of God  told his congregation “Take a look at your fingers and  liken it to your life, all fingers are not equal so don’t compared yourself to people”. He continued,  know the season that you are in and know how you’ll live your life by  cutting your coat according to your size. Bishop Obinim said amidst cheers and applaudes from the congregation.

 “You may be in trail or in the wilderness with regards to the season of your life, but the bible says in Esclesiasis 3 that there is a season for everything, so don’t position yourself in a position that you haven’t gotten to. Eat food that you can afford, buy cloths and things that you can afford. All the things that you are borrowing will u get money to pay?” 

 “Since I became a born again Christian and  met my wife,  Mrs Florence Obinim I have never borrowed to eat because we live within our means” Bishop Obinim reveals.

 “Know the season that you are in and live according to the season of your life. If you force to bleach your teath it will bleed. Why do you put yourself under unnecessary pressure? This will cause you to think and your blood pressure will go up which can lead to your death”

 What season are you in? Don’t force yourself out of the season God has placed you, live within that means otherwise you will have problems,Bishop Obinim advised.

At this stage the congregation stood on the feet to applaud the man of God for the life  revealing message. 

gospelreviewgh will bring you the part two of this touching sermon by Bishop Dr.  Daniel Obinim.

By Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya. 


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